Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Celebration

Client: Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy


Concept Development, Creative Direction, Production, Technical Direction, Project Coordination


The Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Celebration honored San Francisco's majestic span through a broad range of events and activities: a nautical parade (including the supercarrier USS Nimitz), a historic automobile display, fine arts and performing arts exhibits, a sustainable technologies fair, a Bridge artifacts museum, and four stages with non-stop entertainment. For the event's grand finale, the Bridge and San Francisco Bay were transformed into a dramatic six square mile spectacle of light and sound. Automated searchlights and massive fireworks, both on the Bridge and on traveling barges, created a series of 18 theatrical sequences for the hundreds of thousands of spectators in attendance. The soundtrack was also broadcast live via KFOG radio, extending the experience to viewers on the water and around San Francisco Bay. The Celebration quickly became an international press and social media sensation, with hundreds of videos posted and over 1,100 articles published worldwide.

Key Collaborators

The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, The City and County of San Francisco, The National Park Service, The Presidio Trust, Lightswitch San Francisco, Syncrolite, Pyro Spectaculars by Souza, Hartmann Studios, Hunt Design, Sound on Stage, BCT Entertainment