Intel "Infoscape"

Client: Intel


Concept development, creative direction, interface and interactivity design and production, technical design and production, show staging


In developing this interactive feature for CES, Foghorn was presented with two challenges: create a stunning example of how information might be accessed in the future, and make everything in the demo run on a single, stock Intel Core i7 machine. The resulting InfoScape installation stunned audiences with its interactive 3-d interface, real-time access to 18 data feeds (from Google News to Flickr to Twitter), and remarkable 120 frames per second / 1920 x 1920 image. NBC News proclaimed it "The coolest thing at CES", DVICE headlined "Intel InfoScape Flaunts Jaw-Dropping Graphics" and CNN said "Intel's InfoScape allows you to interact with real-time data in a radical new way". With hundreds of Google and YouTube postings, the Intel InfoScape became a viral, global sensation.

Key Collaborators

Intel Corporation Marketing, The Elements Group, Video Applications, U-Touch, The Taylor Group, 2LK